Monday, September 6, 2010

Bisclaveret "Ritual of All-Embracing Madness" [KEMn68]

Bisclaveret "Ritual of All-Embracing Madness" [KEMn68]

Following critically acclaimed CDs 'Psyche Nomine' and 'Les Mannequins' Bisclaveret comes back with a remix album entitled 'Amalgame' (to be released on 29th February). It features remixes from such well-known acts as Endraum (DE), Sleeping Pictures (UK), God's Bow (PL) and Moan (PL), as well as interesting newcomers - Loverdozed (PL) and Hoarfrost (PL). The promoting single (which you're about to download) contains an excellent Sleeping Pictures remix of 'Insane in God' alongside the original version, and a re-recording of an old classic 'Succubus' (originally from 'Aegri Somnia?' debut EP), this time with English lyrics. This track is exclusive to this internet-only release.
Taken from the forthcoming remix album entitled 'Amalgame' (released on 29/02/2008). Released in cooperation with Zoharum Records


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