Monday, September 6, 2010

V/A "Strange Attractor" [KEMn100]

V/A "Strange Attractor" [KEMn100]

After a long break Kaos Ex Machina comes back, to present you with our 100th release, titled 'Strange Attractor'. The album is a compilation of work created especially for this occasion by artists from around the world. None of the tracks were previously published. We would like to invite you to discover how different artists approached the theme of the chaos theory, and the extraordinary sounds they created. Carefully selected and mastered full lenght cd's, available to download completely free.

Compilation includes work by: Darkness And Silence, New Risen Throne, Deadhorsemort, Subinterior, Inner Vision Laboratory, Stereocaine, Svart1, Krzysztof Stanisławski, Roto Visage, Wach, CrepusculaR, TSIMDZ, Dream Of Nothing, Pharmakustik, Luciftias, In Cognitus, Lord Kula, Aurea Hora, Experimental Subjekt.


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