Monday, September 6, 2010

DeadHorseMort "A Priori" [KEMn110]

DeadHorseMort "A Priori" [KEMn110]

This album represents the power of true belief versus true delusion and the uncertainties that come from these powerful questions of the self. Absolute knowledge of ones self may be possible to achieve but perhaps can never truly be realized, understood, nor embraced. Being merely only human, empirical truth can only be discovered through the filters and limits of finite realities. The deeper or meditative truth in you is not subjected to time, space, experience, nor the opinions of others, but rather is a part of the final and perfect philosophy. A truth derived from that of infinite substance. But if one perhaps could truly embrace this own truth, unfettered by experience and awoken to something truly remarkable, would one really like what ones sees? And if not, one would still have to face the unknowns of life and eternity with this inner truth that may be distasteful or displeasing in the nature of itself.

This album is dedicated to Rene Descartes and his ideas on experience, truth, and certainty. Ideas such as Empiricism versus Rationalism and the ideas of priori and posteriori inner truths, while in the pursuit of ones absolute knowledge.


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