Monday, September 6, 2010

Svart1 "Ab imo Pectore" [KEMn89]

Svart1 "Ab imo Pectore" [KEMn89]

"Ab imo Pectore" from Svart1 presents an exploration into last Raimondo's personal style of composition; these songs were produced between April and July 2008, while Raimondo was exploring many new different ways to express his feelings with music and private life, but always with his very personal style of obscure and/but smiling melanchonic composition.
All songs are like a harmonious dreamings-night-time feels, moody darkest atmospheres, moving terror-drones and sometimes with a small reverbered piano wich create an intense growing up. Also nervous atmospheres of old-dark-dilated-ambient sounds and 4/4 Industrial changing in a naturally dreamings pads.


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