Monday, September 6, 2010

Roto Visage & Jugular Notch "Everything Is Brown" [KEMn42]

Roto Visage & Jugular Notch "Everything Is Brown" [KEMn42]

From RV: Brothers, Roto Visage and Jugular Notch come together in a collaboration amounting to five atmospheric tracks of epic length to accompany one's inner dialog. As an incredibly personal endeavor for both artists, "Everything Is Brown" captures and documents moments in time and every area of the psyche, from birth and childhood to death.
"Everything is Brown" spawns from the entanglement of many sources, including field recordings in unsettling environments, home-made analog synthesizers, virtual synthesizers, vocal sampling, unconventional experimentation with vinyl records, improvisation, and an overall mental regurgitation of sound and emotion.


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