Monday, September 6, 2010

Matrushka "Seegeschenke" [KEMn23]

Matrushka "Seegeschenke" [KEMn23]

From Matrushka: This release is the first were I have used new recording techniques to achieve a more organic sound - a natural sound that is unpolished. When sound is slightly off, or slightly broken, with clicks, pops and crackle, I always get very excited so I tried to explore that within the ambient/minimal setting that I've been working in the past months. This is a new direction for Matrushka, not only when it comes to recording, but also my general ideas and perspectives on sound and what it means to me - every sound that is around me, is one that I want to explore and often I find a lot of beauty in that process, and in the final result when that sound becomes a part of one of my tracks.


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