Monday, September 6, 2010

Noises Of Russia "Invisibility And Labor" [KEMn76]

Noises Of Russia "Invisibility And Labor" [KEMn76]

From NoR: NOISES OF RUSSIA is one of the most active experimental Russian projects performing apocalyptic
experimental music. It was founded in 2000. It is an institutor and ideologist of international annual festival NOISE vs. GLAMOUR and ELECTROINDUSTRIA music events in which the different stars of Russian and foreign electronic music take part. In its performances the NOISES OF RUSSIA project uses all modern music and stylistic imagery from dark ambient to drone but at the same time it remains faithful to traditional noise music. It creates sound canvas complicated with visual and verbal images, which are synthesizing in different ways during the creative process.
Every performance of this project is a new apologue about human destiny. NOISES OF RUSSIA asks to accept its musical and dramatic performances as the work with consciousness rather than the work with locomotor or digestive apparatus.
We will prepare you to death and will make music for your funeral!

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